A conversation with Executive Chef Luke Beardslee.


Q. What did you do before coming to Lucky’s Lounge?
A. I started at Lucky’s in August of 2010. Before this I was in L.A. working at Literati II. It was this cool farm to table type of place, we did 90% of our shopping at the Santa Monica’s farmers market. It was a weekly changing menu, all scratch cooking. It was extremely time consuming but totally worth it.

Q. So why did you come back to Massachusetts?
A. Cali was great~ but I was itching to come back to New England. I’m from here, my wife Jenny is from here, we got married here and it really is home. So when I was looking for a job and stumbled across Lucky’s, I thought it was a great fit. I chose to come here because Lucky’s is a local company that allow a lot of creativity on the menu~ it’s not a chain, you know? It has a good clientele that absolutely likes the classic pub food, but also appreciates food with a twist.

Q. What’s your cooking style like?
A. I love food, and I make sure that translates onto the plate. I really get off on finding underrated ingredients and making them pop, like using Teres Major or Flat Iron instead of the expected filet. These types of cuts are often overlooked, but they’re delicious! They allow us to make great food for guests at a great price. And, it lets people try something a little out of the box. I’m also way into sourcing food locally. Living in New England, that’s easy to do! Our oysters are always from Massachusetts– our fish is basically off the boat, we get our pork and beef from an all natural grass-fed program out of Maine. I always try to stay as seasonal as possible and the menu reflects that.

Q. What’s your favorite thing on the menu right now?
A. Come on… that’s like asking a dad to choose a favorite kid! My favorite thing on the menu right now is probably the charcuterie and cheese. It’s a really innovative way to do the meat. There’s some ghost chili mixed in one of the meats, pistachio flavor in another, and on and on and on. But honestly… I like that dish the best because I just really f%cking love cheese.

Q. Who doesn’t?! Okay, how about your nights off? What does one of Boston’s best chefs order when he goes out to dinner?
A. Soft shell crab, all the way. I run it as a special here at Lucky’s, but I play around with how it is prepared. Sometimes I do it Asian style, sometimes it’s with a Mediterranean flair. The only thing that’s consistent about it is the batter. I always use a semolina batter, because it makes for a super crispy bite. Aside from that, I like to hit up Thai restaurants. Anything spicy and different gets me going. Ethnic food exposes me to different things, and that usually translates into better food for me to put on my menu.

Q. Okay, last question. If you had to describe yourself in one word, what would it be?
A. I’m gonna go with… Fresh.