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Sip, Savor, & Celebrate National Cocktail Day in Boston

National Cocktail Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than at Lucky's Lounge in the heart of Boston? Known for its retro ambiance, live music, and expertly crafted cocktails, Lucky's Lounge is the perfect destination to raise a glass and toast to this spirited occasion. Join us on March 24th as we dive into a world of flavor and creativity with three sensational cocktails that will make your taste buds dance.

Featured Cocktails

At Lucky's Lounge, we offer a wide range of seasonal and classic cocktails. Our extensive cocktail list makes it easy to pick a signature cocktail to raise a glass with on National Cocktail Day. Please take a look at some of our featured cocktails below.


The SWIFTIES Spritz is a must-try at Lucky's Lounge for those who love a refreshing and bubbly concoction. This delightful cocktail combines the sophisticated notes of Aperol and St. Germaine with the bright and zesty flavors of grapefruit and lemon. Topped off with a sparkling rose float, the SWIFTIES Spritz is a burst of enthusiasm that will leave you feeling light and rejuvenated. It's the perfect drink to kick off your National Cocktail Day celebration.


Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of flavors with the Firecracker cocktail at Lucky's Lounge. This bold and spicy concoction features Deep Eddy grapefruit vodka, lime, habanero, and cranberry. The habanero adds a kick of heat, while the cranberry provides a touch of sweetness, creating a harmonious balance that will ignite your senses. If you're in the mood for a cocktail with a fiery personality, the Firecracker is the ideal choice to spice up your National Cocktail Day experience.

Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita

Indulge in the perfect fusion of sweet and tart with the Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita at Lucky's Lounge. This delightful concoction combines Casamigos Blanco, Triple Sec, Lucky's House Strawberry Rhubarb Mix, and a splash of lime juice. The result is a vibrant and flavorful margarita that pays homage to the classic cocktail with a unique twist. Sip on this fruity delight and let the combination of fresh ingredients transport you to a sunny patio overlooking the city skyline.

Celebrate National Cocktail Day at Lucky's Lounge in Seaport!

This National Cocktail Day, Lucky's Lounge invites you to join the festivities and indulge in a trio of extraordinary cocktails. From the spirited SWIFTIES Spritz to the bold and spicy Firecracker and the sweet-tart perfection of the Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita, there's something special for every palate. Raise your glass, savor the moment, and celebrate the art of mixology at Lucky's Lounge in Boston. To celebrate with your friends or family at Lucky's Lounge, call us at (617) 357-5825 to make a reservation for March 24th today!